Using Job Composer in ANY directory w/out copying to project directory in /home

I would like to be able to use the Job Composer (new job --> From Specified Path) to edit my batch scripts and submit the job, IN the specified path. Many of my users have large amounts of data and we have an 80 GB quota on home directories and editing/submitting “in place” would be a nice option to have, instead of creating a copy in /home/user/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/projects/default which doesn’t map back to the originating directory.

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This was also asked here: How do I change the default OOD job path to point to the home directory?.

We started on this thinking it would be a quick feature to add, but there are problems with the design of the app as it exists. See Morgan’s comment.

A possible solution to the problems he mentions would be to remove the ability to delete the associated job directory when deleting a “job” from the Job Composer app. Instead, the deletion of the “job” would actually just delete the reference from the sqlite3 database, and recommend to the user to remove the actual files if they want to. Another option would be to mark this record as “deleted” so the job doesn’t appear in the list of jobs, but a user could still get access to a list of paths of “deleted job references” whose job directories still exist, so if the user wants a list of job directories that are candidates for deletion, they can do so.

There is still the problem that by adding job directory references you could have job directories containing job directories. Then again, that might actually become a “feature”.

Besides my suggestion here, do you have another solution for addressing problems that could be introduced by adding this feature?

Thank you for the feature request!

@efranz Thank you for your reply.

I was thinking something along the lines of:
New job from Template or default template - ask user where they want to save the job script and then the users run their commands relative to the directory where they saved the job script.
New job from specified path - edit the job script in place, run relative to the directory where the script exists.
Change behavior of the Delete button to pop up a window with three choices: Delete Directory/Project, Delete Script or Cancel. That way you could use it as it is now or use it for “in place” scripts/projects w/out deleting the entire directory.

Thanks for the time. I am becoming a big fan of Open OnDemand.