Jupyter App Question (Another one)

I have a “working” instance of the Jupyter app in my sandbox which connects and can even launch the ipython console.

I cannot, however, connect to a terminal, or even open certain directories in my $HOME. When launching jupyter from a VNC session terminal it works great, but when connecting through OOD it doesn’t work fully.

Opening certain directories gives this response (not every directory):

Connecting to terminal gives a persistent black screen:

ipython console works =)

I was hoping someone experienced something like this and can help steer me into the right direction.

Is it in the config.py? Could it be the version of jupyter?

I’d recommend looking into your session logs or the Apache logs (Logging — Open OnDemand 3.0.3 documentation - Apache log information is also on that page if you scroll up) to investigate that 503 error.

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