Missing "My Interactive Sessions" text

This is not critical at all, just a curiosity. I noticed that I used to have the little icon and the words My Interactive Sessions next to the Interactive Apps drop-down along the top. Now I only have the little file icon and no words. Clicking the icon takes me to the interactive session screen, so everything is functional…it just doesn’t have the actual text next to the icon.

Any ideas on that?

If you widen the browser window, the text should appear. I believe it just hides when the browser width is less than something.

well, duh. :slight_smile: That was it. Thanks.

I have bite marks from that one, too. :slight_smile:

@groucho64738 Were you zoomed in past 100% and what’s your screen size? We might need to add more CSS breakpoints!

I am not zoomed in above 100%. I just checked, and on my Mac laptop, the window has to be ~1330 wide for the text label to appear; at about 1220, the 'logged in as ’ text disappears, at about 1100, the text for ‘Help’ disappears.

Designing for something like 1280 width (full screen for older monitors), and reprioritizing so that ‘My interactive sessions’ doesn’t disappear first would help.

Personally, I would rather see the user login information go first, as the user icon is much more recognizable from other applications than the… pages? icon for the Sessions, I think. Maybe even consider consolidating the Logged in as and the Logout into one User menu?

I think it iis more important to keep the text labels for those items dealing with jobs and applications fully labeled to be most important. Something like this screen grab, which the screen grab software seemed to think was about 1200

with the addition of text for “Interactive Sessions”, which would surely fit would be an improvement, in my opinion.

I was not zoomed past 100%, but I don’t know the specific width at the time. It didn’t seem particularly narrow, and seems like there is a little too much room in my opinion before the text appears again. On my screen it looks like 1473 x 933 doesn’t display the interactive sessions text, but 1483 x 933 does. That was in chrome. In firefox I got the text to appear at 1475 width.

My display is 1920x1080

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