OOD navbar loss link

Dear All,

I just installed v1.8 and it seems “files”, “jobs”, “cluster” and “interactive apps” links no longer work. Interestingly, " * My Interactive Sessions still work and “Help” and “Develop” also have no link.

Please help me with this issue,

Thank you in advance,

When you say they no longer work, can you clarify what experience you have? Do the links appear but when you click an error occur?

What browser are you using?

Does that mean that you found a way around the problem mentioned in your previous post when upgrading? (Update issue with 1.8)

I am sorry that I did not make myself clear, I installed the v1.8 by downloading individual rpm packages. After the installation, the outlook of the dashboard is about the same. However, when clicking the menu item, all links point to “https://hal.ncsa.illinois.edu:8888/pun/sys/dashboard/#” and only “my interactive sessions” still functional “https://hal.ncsa.illinois.edu:8888/pun/sys/dashboard/batch_connect/sessions”.
I am using firefox and I have work around the update v1.8 problem.
Thank you in advance,

Ah - that is Bootstrap dropdowns. When I hover over the dropdown and/or click it the same # following the URL appears. That is expected.

What is not expected is that if you click the dropdown name, the dropdown not appearing. My first guess would be that there is a javascript error. If you open the web console in your browser after trying to show the dropdown does it show an error?

Thank you for your reply, when I hover and click dropdown menu will not show nothing at all. Also, when I check my previous work, I found that there are completed tabs left for “debug” propose, is that normal?


Following the last mail, Files/Jobs/Clusters/Interactive Apps/Develop are all not responding. Chrome developer tools gave me a 404 for https://hal.ncsa.illinois.edu:8888/pun/sys/dashboard/assets/application-d62dd72a76320de8a0256164aae32f68843a52af72f5be7efdaa85d396c40a26.js

Looks like there is supposed to be a application.js file. Only the CSS sheet loaded, that’s why all the dropdown menus don’t work, since they require JS

Moreover, If I tried to cancel a ongoing job, I got “Internal Server Error”.

One thing I would check is if there are any files under /var/www/ood/apps/sys/dashboard/public/assets that are not in the 1.8 rpm you just installed.


Thank you so much for your help. I have rolllback to v1.7 at this moment so that the service won’t be paused.

May I ask if I want a clean full installation, I need to remove all the folders that is ood related right?

“/opt/ood”, “/etc/ood”, “/var/www/ood”, …



When updating via rpm, rpm managed files should be removed or added as expected. It is possible you are hitting an error like the one described here: https://github.com/OSC/ondemand-packaging/issues/42.

If you ever installed OnDemand pre-rpm, or manually build the dashboard app assets, it is possible a .sprockets-manifest file that generated that is not rpm managed and thus is not removed on upgrade.

Do you by any chance see multiple .sprockets-manifest files in /var/www/ood/apps/sys/dashboard/public/assets?

I believe the manifest file you want to keep in v1.8 is /var/www/ood/apps/sys/dashboard/public/assets/.sprockets-manifest-c47593093860eba73c09e1d0ed80d2d5.json

We’re you able to resolve your upgrade issues? Did you completely wipe this system or get a new one?