Modify dashboard view


I am trying to customize the dashboard. I edited the /etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/views/widgets/pinned_apps/_app.html.erb, but when I refresh the web browser, it does not show the change immediately. Some times it take 10s minutes to show the changes on the web browser. I tried to forcely refresh the web browser, but it did not work. I am wondering if there’s any cache function in OOD to block this?

This make the modification very hard and time consuming. Is there any way I can to make it faster to take effect after modify the view propertits?


I believe you can use the “restart web server” function under the “help” drop down in the upper right to restart the PUN bits under the hood which will reflect changes that are more internal than just changing HTML, JS or CSS bits.

Thanks Morgan!

I also use ctrl+shift+R (on Windows) to force a refresh of the page. I know for sure the same keybinding works for Chrome (also on Windows). I think this is the refresh you’re looking for and not just a the circle button.

You can use "Ctrl+Shift+R" to reload and bypass the cache to prevent Firefox
from preserving the position.

(apparently it’s Command + shift + r if you’re a Mac user)

Thanks very much Jeff and Morgan!

It is really helpful.