New OOD release date?


I’m setting up a new development OnDemand installation and recall an announcement that a new release was ‘coming soon’. My current production version is 1.5 and I’d like to have the latest on the development installation.

Can you give us an idea of when the new software is scheduled for release? Would you like a beta tester?

TIA - Susan

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Hi Susan,

You heard correctly. 1.6.x will be entering production use at OSC early next week, and barring problems we expect to announce it to the community the week of Memorial Day.

Beta testers are more than welcome! I haven’t started updating the documentation site for the new release notes but I did try to pull together as much as I could into one of the change logs:

The latest repo is available at:

Will the documentation be updated and released for 1.6?

Yes the docs will be updated for 1.6.x. We are running another build today, and that should be the last before we announce the release candidate.

The pre-release docs for 1.6.x are available, with the caveat that things are subject to change until we officially announce.

1.6 has now been released and the documentation is available

Hi, everybody,

and what about the 1.7 version ? have some dates to communicate and documentation describing the new fonctionnalities of this 1.7 ?

thanks a lot


We are still deciding on what to include in 1.7.

For what is in progress, you could take a look at the CHANGELOG and see changes from 1.7.0 to 1.7.6.