Ondemand opens the same terminal directory path, regardless where it is iniated


I’ve used ondemand on firefox and google-chrome, since a year now.
I wonder why when a terminal is iniated, why does it start at the same directory-path, can one reset this ?

Some months ago recently tried making an ssh-key to github, and as soon as I log on the initial directory becomes
Initial directory: /home/hxw857/.ssh
and I get this on terminal screen
hxw857@github.com: Permission denied (publickey).

Your connection to the remote server has been terminated.
From where I cannot access any path from terminal, just a freeze on this output above.

How does one reset or change the default initial directory ?

The terminal is very useful, so this would be good to know.

Hi and welcome!

I would guess that since you generated another ssh key - it’s getting tripped up on which one to use. I’d suggest you creating an ssh config file so that you can associate keys with destinations. Here’s an article for the same.

That said - that solution is going to work for you and you’ll have to instruct all your users to do the same. at OSC we use Host Based authentication so that every machine on our systems can authenticate with every other machine. In this way - OSC clients don’t need to setup keys, it’s all handled by our OPs teams to configure all the machines directly.

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Thanks :smile:

Will try to ponder the blog etc.
Can one reset the ssh config file as original, so one can enable the terminal again.

I seem to have for example set the HostName to github.com for instance, so it seems one needs separate ones otherwise, not sure it any common recipe for enabling git clone etc with ondemand.



The terminal screen at /home/“username”/.ssh

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