OOD browser scaling / layout

Hi all,

we are using OOD 2.0.29 and i am getting a bit fed up with the way the portal displays eg the interactive apps on the browser. there is (imho) way too aggressive resizing going on, causing lots of white space left and right, and yet lots of text wrapping or unreadable text in eg the file picker.

as this is hard to explain, i made a screencast using firefox 116 on fedora 38. it’s slightly better on chrome, but also far from perfect. ( it’s in webm format, so i can’t upload it here; wetransfer url WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free )

the best “look” imho is with 90% scaling (also in chrome), but i don’t know how to make that permanent or what actually controls the left and right spacing (i’m no css/hmtl expert).

setting the scaling to 90% also has another annoying feature/bug: when starting novnc form an app, teh novnc tab also takes the 90% scaling, and then renders a screen that doesn’t nicely match the real screen (if you run eg xdyinfo in the vnc session and on the laptop), and thus causes some reduced sharpness


Is this a feature request for the UI where you’d like some change in the borders? Sorry, I’m not sure what the question is in the post.

hi travis,

well, first i’d like to know if this is normal or not? i’m aware this might be my personal preference more then anything else, but this behaviour also translates into eg the filepicker, which is almost unusable without scaling because we use long favorites and have long pathanmes. (but i am also aware the filepicker is being rewritten)

if there are some pointers where eg the amount of border vs the form is controlled, i can try to play with some settings myself. then i can see if there’s a need for a feature to control this.

starting the novnc tab with scaling reset tp 100% might be a feature request though. if you want i can make an issue for it, or start a separate thread for it