File App Compact View (OOD 2.x)

After upgrading to OOD 2.0.9 I’ve noticed that there is a ton of wasted white space in the new Files app interface. This becomes very noticeable when working in large directories. With everything so large it makes the interface very hard to use efficiently. I’ve had to zoom out to 70% just to view the list of files/folders as easily as they were before. I’ve put some example screen shots below.



Wasted Space (denoted with red pen):

I know a lot of this is personal preference which is why it would be nice to have a toggle for a more compact view.

Agreed with that. Overall I prefer the more condensed 1.8 UI than the 2.0. The 2.0 seems to have larger default fonts which fits less to a page.

Are there any preferences for the fonts and their sizes available?


Thanks for the comments! I think the ability to minimize the side panel is for sure something we’d want. We can also throw fontsize and/or row height in there too.