Open OnDemand 1.7.14 patch release now available

We have released a 1.7.14 patch release with the following bug fixes:

  • Fix the default value for the --export argument for Slurm’s sbatch to be --export=NONE. In previous versions of OnDemand this was enforced using the environment variable SBATCH_EXPORT=NONE. When we switched to using the --export argument in order to give apps more control over the environment via Script#copy_environment and Script#job_environment we failed to ensure the preexisting behavior was preserved.
  • Fixed several issues with the Linux Host adapter #187 and #188
  • Fixed bug that broke noVNC in Safari #516.
  • Updated Rails to (up from
  • Added KDE as a desktop option for the bc_desktop app #482

To upgrade from 1.7.10 or 1.7.11 to 1.7.14:

sudo yum update ondemand