Open OnDemand and Nor-Tech

The Open OnDemand team is always looking for ways to raise awareness of Open OnDemand and grow the community. We were excited to see that Nor-Tech recently issued a press release (that was picked up by various media outlets, including HPC Wire at that says in part:

“Nor-Tech, the leading experts on complete Open Source HPC technology solutions, just announced the first two enterprise deployments of groundbreaking Open OnDemand, which enables even those without HPC expertise to take advantage of the significant cost-savings of open source. Nor-Tech is currently the only company able to integrate Open OnDemand into OpenHPC.”

We passed this to our program manager at NSF, who was extremely grateful to receive it and promptly distributed it widely within NSF. Please don’t hesitate to let us know about any publicity / marketing you might be aware of involving Open OnDemand so we can appropriately document it and include it in our reporting to NSF.