Open XDMoD 8.5.0 Released

Dear Open OnDemand Users,

We are pleased to announce the release of Open XDMoD 8.5.0. Change logs are available on the download pages.

Downloads are available on GitHub:

This release includes a beta version of the dashboard tab. This tab is a replacement for summary tab for logged in users and is designed to reduce the learning curve for new users of XDMoD and provide more convenient access to XDMoD’s advanced capabilities for experienced users. A brief overview of the new interface is shown in this presentation:

The XDMoD team are looking for volunteers to try out the dashboard tab at their center. We would provide direct assistance via email and web-conference to help with configuring the dashboard on your XDMoD 8.5 instance.

Please email us at our support email address if you would like assistance with the new dashboard.

The XDMoD Team