Paraview Client-server leveraging OnDemand configuration

I’m working with visualization infrastructure at a site that primarily uses OnDemand for interacting with HPC resources. I want to use the native Paraview interface to launch connections and submit jobs on our HPCs. Is there any way for me to take advantage of the system configurations (especially job submission templates) that we already maintain for OnDemand when launching the jobs from Paraview?

Paraview is generally able to launch a single command to instantiate these connections, something like: “ssh -L port:localhost:port < server> <script_that_parses_options_and_submits_jobs>” I don’t intend for users to interact with the web interface at all for this application. I just want to know if there’s a way for me to avoid re-specifying all the machine configurations and setting up new templates in shell scripts, when all of this has already been done for OnDemand.

As a note, for a good chunk of our users, Paraview is run locally rather than on the HPCs. That’s the driver for a lot of the requirements.

Thanks for your help!

Hi and welcome!

Not really. Mostly because all our libraries exist only on the web node and all of this would happen on a compute node.

That said - we may do something similar with Ansys Workbench. The idea here is that you request a large node or multiple nodes and configure Ansys to be aware of what nodes you have so that it can then use those resources.

We (the Ansys app) configures and populates a menu item to tell the users what to do.

Sounds good. Thanks for the quick response!