Password change/reset

What do you suggest for changing a users password?

For me, open shell, type passwd, follow the prompts.
My manager, wants a webui to create a seamless experience.

Using freepIPA and it has restapi to facilitate password change. Looking for ui to wrap it up and expose within dashboard. Or set it up as an “app” to click icon. Tmux/matlib example might work.

Can you make use of the self-service password reset in the FreeIPA web UI? If so, you could point to that from OOD by adding it to the Help Menu (Customization — Open OnDemand 2.0.5 documentation).

Or maybe you’d need to make what we refer to as a Passenger App, meaning it’s a webserver onto itself. So you’d create an app that OOD can link to but it’s a webserver with webpages itself.