Writing a Python Passenger App that performs job submission

Hi. I’d be interested in any thoughts on the best way to achieve this. I want to write something that leverages OOD’s libraries submitting jobs but I’m only really happy working in Python.

My current thinking is to write some ruby shims that are called via a subprocess. The ruby scripts would be simple wrappers to components of ood_core. A bit messy but seems like it should work. Very open to better suggestions however.

Our current thinking for supporting this type of thing in the upcoming year is to build up an API that the dashboard app would serve that any client-side JS served by an OOD passenger app could make requests to. That isn’t quite the same as server side Python using ood_core though.

Have you considered trying out something like rython · PyPI?

Thanks for the reply. The API approach would certainly be better and I think we would definitely adopt it if it became available.

I’ll take a look at rython as an alternative to running subprocesses.