Problem accessing a newly defined cluster

Hello everyone:

I have installed OpenOnDemand v. 2.0.32 following the information given in the documentation. I have configured authentication via Dex and LDAP. That
seems to work as I can connect to the dashboard with my username/password in LDAP.

My cluster is called istorage and uses SGE. This is the file /etc/ood/config/clusters.d/istorage.yml:

    title: "Cluster iStorage."
    hidden: false
    host: ""
    adapter: "sge"
    cluster: "iStorage"
    bin: "/opt/sge/bin/lx-amd64"
    sge_root: "/opt/sge"
    libdrmaa_path: "/opt/sge/lib/lx-amd64/"

However, when I connect to the dashboard I do not see the cluster I have defined nor can I work with it. It is as if I have not defined anything. I attach an image of my dashboard when I log in:

Shouldn’t something appear on the dashboard that would allow me to query
the queues or try to submit jobs? On top menu, under “Clusters” there is nothing.

Could someone give me some suggestions as to what is going on?


That all appears to be correct. One thing I’d ask to be sure if this file is world readable (ie., 644 permissions).

Failing that - I’d look in /var/log/ondemand-nginx/$USER/error.log to see if there are any errors that may give us a clue.

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