Simple initial configure questions

I’ve got my ood web page under linux working. I then defined my slurm cluster in a yml fle under /etc/ood/config/clusters.d/ But I don’t see any difference when I login into the web page. Should I see the name of that defined cluster anywhere?

I don’t see the name of my cluster under the Clusters menu. All I see is “>_Shell Access” When I click on that, I get the error message:

“Failed to establish a websocket connection. Be sure you are using a browser that supports websocket connections.”

If I select “Job Composer” under Jobs, I get the error message:

“There are no configured hosts that allow you to submit jobs. Please contact your system administrator.”

I don’t see any error messages in my /var/log/ondemand-nginx/username/error.log file.

I’m missing something obvious! Thanks. - Mark

Ah, I fixed the login error message, because on Ubuntu I needed to do:

a2enmod mod_proxy_wstunnel

I thought I had searched all of the tickets, but I searched again and found that solution. What fun.