Failed to establish a websocket connection

Trying to install Open OnDemand on a Centos 7 server.

Yesterday, shell access was working but job submission was not. I corrected directory locations in the cluster’s .yaml config file. Now job submission works fine, but attempting to launch a shell gives the error, “Failed to establish a websocket connection. Be sure you are using a browser that supports websocket connections.” I had added websockify 0.9 between yesterday and today. Could that be causing the problem? (Tried to hide websockify - no change.)

Not sure if I’m looking at the correct logs. The httpd24 and ondemand-nginx logs do not shed light.

Hi and welcome!

I think the websockify is a red herring for this use case. It’s not invoked. What’s happening is we’re creating a websocket to the server and the server is opening an ssh session to the other login.

Here’s the flow to help us debug a bit.
you —(web socket)—> open ondemand —(ssh)—> the login node

I’m kind of surprised there’s nothing in /var/log/ondemand-nginx/$USER/error.log but there could be something on the client side. Open up the developer tools in your browser and see the network and console tabs. Maybe there’s something there?

Also just as a sanity check, be sure that you can ssh from the open ondemand webnode to the destination login manually.

Same question being asked over here, once we figure out one, we’ll solve both.

@ltarbox what is the response you’re getting? You see in the other thread 302 is from being cached somewhere. Can you tell me the response code you see (either through apache logs like them or from the client browser)?

Hey any updates on your issue?

Hi there, sorry for the delay in circling back. Are you still having issues with this?