Websocket connection error with SSH

Looks like we have the same problem as Failed to establish a websocket connection - #6 by jeff.ohrstrom. That is, for our interactive apps, which all launch the jobs and apps correctly, we get the websocket connection error when trying to launch SSH session by clicking on the blue job’s hostname in the interactive job’s card. On the top of that, this only happens with cluster jobs, not with Linux Host Adapter jobs (where the ssh session works).

Following Websocket Connections Error - #2 by jeff.ohrstrom, I inspected the failed browser window and see error:

401 Unauthorized
X-OOD-Failure-Reason: host not specified in allowlist or cluster configs

I am suspecting the allowlist is the host regex in /etc/ood/config/ood_portal.yml, which is checking OK.

What’s the “cluster configs” entry? The “set_host” key of the “batch_connect” section in the clustername.yml file in /etc/ood/config/clusters.d? That one should be OK since we can launch the apps - they won’t launch if the “set_host” is not right.

So, I am wondering what else can be wrong. Any thoughts on this?


See Customization — Open OnDemand 1.8.12 documentation

The shell app itself prevents accessing any nodes that are not specified in the OOD_SSHHOST_ALLOWLIST.

Thanks Eric, I missed that with the 1.8 update. It’d be quite helpful to have OOD_SSHHOST_ALLOWLIST in the error message instead of the cryptic websocket one - as Ric has mentioned in his message a while back. I did not find that thread - obviously did not search for the right string.