OnDemand: Web Socket Error for Shell, RStudio, etc

When install the latest OnDemand, I can get most functionality to work including Matlab/X11. However when clicking on the button to open a shell (on the launch card) it gives a “Failed to establish a websocket connection. Be sure you are using a browser that supports websocket connections.”

This also happens when trying to get RStudio and other non-X11 apps working. Interestingly enough testing manually via a slurm allocation, using nc to listen on a port and them browsing to that node with OnDemand works just fine.

Basically the opposite of the problems I had when installing previous, but that is far more likely to do with me than anything else.

Any ideas?

For the shell app you’re probably running allowlists, you have to add every host you’re going to allow sshing into.


For Rstudio and other non-X11 apps I’m not sure what’s going on there. non-X11 apps don’t even use websockets so we’d need some more info on what error messages you’re seeing.

Jeff, that fixes the shell app issue when connecting up from launch cards, thanks! I’ll look into Rstudio more and see if i can replicate the issue with something else and provide more debugging information. I’m the first to admit it doesn’t really make sense.

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