Quota files from URL

Doing the 1.5 upgrade reminded me I wanted to mention a quick feature I hacked in to make quotas work for us - allow URL support instead of from a file. In general, having a static file with a thousand quotas seems challenging for us.

We had an existing web service that allows a user to request their quotas (asynchronously) from our regular website. I made a few modifications to the web service where if the call is coming from an ondemand machine, it returns the data in the format ondemand expects. The modifications to the quota handling were pretty simple - I can share a diff if interested.

Anyway, just wanted to mention this and see if anyone else would find it useful to eventually integrate in. I’m also curious how others generate their quota files every 5 (?) minutes as recommended. I just couldn’t find any way to generate it with the data and tools available to me.

@ddietz a pull request on Github would be very welcome.

@rodgers.355 Sure thing, I just filed PR #452. That forced me to finish cleaning up the code and add some better error handling, so that was helpful.