Remote Desktop outside of a job

I seem to recall there was a previous post that said work was being done to create an OOD app that would provide a Remote Desktop connection to a node (possibly in a pool of nodes) that is outside of scheduler control; i.e., is like a login node.

We used to have a generic ‘Linux login’ pool of machines that was accessed via a DNS round-robin address that people could log into without having to have a cluster account, for which there was no billing, etc. In other words, just a login node.

We would like to enable such a thing using OOD to provide a graphical desktop as well as a terminal.

Is such an app available or in progress?

Sorry, my ability to find the right search terms for this failed completely, so I apologize for any redundancy of posting.

Thanks, – bennet

Bennet: I believe you are looking for our ‘linux host adapter’

Yes, exactly! Thank you Alan!