Resolving links in Files/Directories?

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Our system has switched from a straight user to a project-based layout (/project/GID-of-PI/user). There are symlinks in /home/user/project/pi-group/user to the /project/GID-of-PI/user, as users generally do not know the GID numbers.
In the Files/directories, as set here /etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/initializers, I could easily add the links for each user, /home/user/project/pi-group/user to /project/GID-of-PI/user, using information from Groups and an example from OOD

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# add project space directories
  projects =^pi-group-./)
  paths.concat { |p|"/home/#{}/project/#{p}")  }

It works, but I ran into one problem: when filesharing happens on /project, via Lustre ACLs, links do not work for permissions that are not on /home.

Is there a way to dereference symlinks in OOD Ruby, in this case, the “/home/#{}/project”? As what readline -f would do?


Grigory Shamov,
University of Manitoba

Ouch, chatgpt knew it already. Here , if anyone interested.

paths.concat { |p|"/home/#{}/project/#{p}"), }

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