RStudio ctrl key sticking

One of our users reported this:

“Recently I’ve found that whenever I ctrl-tab out of the interactive session window, the ctrl-key sticks and any inputs I make into the interactive session is interpreted as a ctrl-command (even mouseclicks result in a documentation search on whatever text I happen to click on). The problem goes away if I ctrl-tab out and back in again, but it’s made things pretty inconvenient. Would appreciate any help!”

I tested and this happens to all GUI applications running through the noVNC client, but not through ‘vncviewer’. Is this a bug with noVNC?

Is the user using Windows? Do you know which browser? and discusses a similar issue, but I am not certain that the issue you are facing is this issue; the comments at the very bottom suggest that someone facing a similar issue in late 2018 was a different bug than the one stated in the issue. I’ll open a GitHub issue to track and see if we can reproduce it:

Hey we were never able to reproduce the issue. Do you know the browser/OS combination that triggered this issue? And/or other steps that may help us reproduce.