RStudio locked session fails to load

Hi the original topic was RStudio-Server locks session - #3 by travert

I was wondering if this was ever marked as a bug and resolved? I’m running OOD v3 now and the issue is still there.

Kenny, MSU

It’s a setting within Rstudio on how long to wait to lock the app. Here’s a change I made on our production applications so that the timeout is 0 - i.e., it never locks the session.

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You rock, Jeff! Thank you! I totally missed this last year LOL.


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Hi Jeff,
RStudio-Server is loaded using an Easybuild module, RStudio-Server/2022.07.2+576-foss-2022a-Java-11-R-4.2.1, and Rapp is R/4.2.1-foss-2022a.qwqq

In template/ I added the following but think I’m still missing something:

export RSESSION_CONF=“${PWD}/rsession.conf”
umask 077
echo “# R Session Configuration File”
echo “session-timeout-minutes=2”
chmod 700 “${RSESSION_CONF}”

The file gets created and has the right perms. Was trying to see if it locked the station in 2 minutes to test it. As far as I can tell it ignored it. I called it using rserver:

–www-port ${port}
–auth-none 0
–auth-pam-helper-path “${RSTUDIO_AUTH}”
–auth-encrypt-password 0
–rsession-path “${RSESSION_WRAPPER_FILE}”
–rsession-config-file “${RSESSION_CONF}”
–server-data-dir “${TMPDIR}”
–secure-cookie-key-file “${TMPDIR}/rstudio-server/secure-cookie-key”
–database-config-file “${DBCONF}”
–server-user $(whoami)

I started a session but it was still running fine after 20 minutes. Not sure what I’m missing, any thoughts?


I would check the Rstudio logs to see if it’s saying anything pertinent.

Yeah parsed them all, there’s nothing indicating any errors in the logs. I’ll do some digging.


I set my session-timeout-minutes=0 in rsession.conf. I’ll close the window and see what’s up in the morning.


Hi Jeff, Actually turns out the code works. I set session-timeout-minutes=0 in rsession.conf and pass it to the server during launch using --rsession-config-file /rsession.conf.

My RStudio test has been running since 8am and hasn’t locked yet, where the default I think was 60 minutes of idle time.

Thanks for your help!