Server Sizing and Logins to a submit host question

Hello Everyone,
We have Ondemand 3.1.1 it’s a VM on VMware. We have 84 users that will be using it initially. As per usual compute is not done on the server. How much memory and cpu would you allocate to that VM?

Next question:
When users click “shell access” they get prompted for a password. We can fix this by having them
make a key (ssh-keygen) on the submit host they are going to. So it’s from ondemand → submit host.
Other than keys, did you implement this? or if you were using keys, how did you get your users to make the keys? (I was thinking of making a shell script to implement this that they could execute).


OSC uses HostBasedAuthentication. This essentially means that if you’re logged into one of our machines (like the OOD webserver) you can login basically anywhere else.

This puts the onus on you to setup keys for all the hosts, but for your users it’s seemless.

Regarding the VM sizing, we have some general recommendations in the documentation here: Requirements — Open OnDemand 3.1.0 documentation

At OSC we have not quantified the minimum hardware requirements for OnDemand. The VMs that run OnDemand have 16 cores and 64GB RAM. According to our Ganglia metrics that is over powered for our normal utilization. We average 150MB memory per PUN and the average CPU percentage per Per User NGINX (PUN) is 4%. Our OnDemand instance serves over 600 unique users each month and at any given time usually has 60-100 PUN processes running.