Sh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer

Ran into an issue here. When first testing OOD with basic .htpasswd access the “Open Terminal” button under File Explorer worked. But after modifying OOD to use LDAP auth, the “Open Terminal” button is now returning error:
ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer
Your connection to the remote server has been terminated.

Using the “Clusters->HPC Shell Access” works though. Where should I look to debug this issue?

Not finding anything use in logs.

It appears that the “Open Terminal” button on the File manager page tries to connect to the local host OOD is running on. Is this by design? I assumed that it would try to open ssh terminal to the cluster I have defined. My plan is that the OOD server will not allow direct ssh connections as I don’t want anyone trying to compile or run code on this server.

@cj.keist you want to set the environment variable DEFAULT_SSHHOST which you can do in the file /etc/ood/config/apps/shell/env.

Awesome! Thanks you!