Shell app copy/paste menu?

I have reports that in the shell app there used to be an in-window ‘copy/paste’ menu. We are now at 2.0.13, and I’m sure that the reference to this previous capability is to v1.8.

I’ve checked using firefox and chrome, and also do not find such a menu - though I also, to be fair, do not recall a ‘copy/paste’ menu as part of the shell app.

ps I am personally relying on highlighting with the mouse to perform copy, and then either ‘ctl-v’ or right-click for paste. If there are other options, that would be great to know, too.


You are correct that there has not been a ‘copy/paste’ menu for the shell app. My understanding is the last time the app had a significant change was to add themes, but nothing beyond that.

For copy-paste I don’t know of any other options than what you listed of highlighting and keyboard shortcuts.

Thank you, Travis – I certainly did not recall such a menu, but was willing to consider that I had not seen all the possible features of the app, for one reason or another. My colleague uses OOD for teaching courses, so has many more hours in the cockpit using the tools. Since I fiddle with the PUN frequently when working with OOD, I’ll favor the desktop app rather than the shell app.

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