SSH SHELL App session remains active after logoff from Open OnDemand web interface

Hi Support,

I have observed that the SSH SHELL App session remains active even after logging off explicitly from the Open OnDemand web interface. The version of Open OnDemand being used is v3.0.1. Is there any solution for this problem? Thanks

Hey sorry for the trouble. You may have found a bug. The connection should terminate if the PUN stops which also should happen when you log off, so I’ll have to recreate and checkout on my end why that is not happening.

When they logout, is their PUN still active?

Hi Travert,

How to check if the PUN is active? Thanks

Let’s backup and start here again, what did you run to see the shell app sessions is still active?

Hi travert,

When I explicitly log off form the Open OnDemand web interface, it return to login page of Open OnDemand. However, I observed the SSH session still remain active as shown below, and I still can enter command (e.g. ls -l) in the session. Thanks

Ah! Ok, now I think I understand what you are saying. That is not a bug, this is how the shell app works because though we have logged out from the web interface, the PUN is still proxying requests for us until we close that session.

Here’s a diagram of how this looks:

If you were to kill that PUN by hitting you’d see the sell session stop.

Hi Travert,

Understood. However, the users may not know to click the link to kill their SSH session when they log off from OpenOnDemand, and this process may cause trouble for them. Is it possible for OpenOnDemand to support automatic closure of SSH sessions when users click ‘Logoff’ to avoid this issue? Thanks

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