System status app in 2.0.23


I have just noticed that OSC has made a ‘system status’ app. We would love to use this, is there any step by step instructions to get this set up and working on the ondemand dashboard, with one cluster (at the moment) using slurm? I am unsure how to actually install it, where to put the directory etc.

Also does it just interact with slurm commands to pull the info.

Thank you very much


You should be able to pull this into your /var/www/ood/apps/sys and run the setup from there.

The code for slurm is here:

I’m not familiar with the app, but it looks to return some kind of client for Slurm that returns the needed info as it gets queried. Let me know if you need more help setting it up though, because I also wasn’t able to find actual instructions on how to get this app going explicitly other than piecing some things together from other apps.