Tooltip for Label in App Form Submission

Is there an option where the help field can be a tooltip?

For example, users may not know about queue A, B, C, D


Dropdown for A,B,C,D

I was wondering if there’s an ability to update a tooltip if I hover over Queue.

Feature Request? Or are there templates with Javascript that other sites have done to implement this?


I’m making this too hard.

In retrospect, one could just have a better single line description in the dropdown.

I think a tooltip would only be warranted if a single line can’t capture the information need to reason about a queue (in our case).

I am sure you could use some sort of addEventListener javascript bit to trigger on mouse hover. I use an event listener to check and make sure specific text fields are not blank when the submit button is hit but it pops up in the form of a generic javascript alert element, not tool tip style.