Umask for OOD session

I’ve noticed that when using OOD apps that the umask I’ve set in my ~/.bashrc file doesn’t get applied to the OOD session app. Instead the default system umask is applied. It appears my ~/.bashrc does get sourced when starting up the OOD session because various environment variables I’ve set in my ~/.bashrc are set in the OOD session as well and recognized by the app. Consequently, when I use (for example) the editor in a RStudio desktop app and create a new file, the permissions aren’t set according to the umask I have in my ~/.bashrc but rather to the system default umask. If I open a Terminal in the RStudio desktop app and use touch to create a new file then my umask permissions are applied. The problem is when using the app directly. Anyone have any idea what’s going on here? Is the umask I’ve set in my ~/.bashrc somehow getting overwritten by the OOD app startup process? Anyway to fix this? I’d rather not create a sandbox app and hardcode my umask into the app launch script if it can be avoided. I am using OOD version 2.0.20.

Hi and welcome!

Can I ask what scheduler you are using? I’m going to need to look at this on my end to see how this is working based on various schedulers.

Sure, no problem! We’re using SLURM. I’m curious have you been able to replicate this behavior? I hope it’s just not something weird with our OOD setup. Thanks!

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