VSCode Showcase

Hi All,

For those of you who use, or are interested, in a VSCode interactive app I have a showcase for a working version that supports both modules and containers.

To give some background code-server, which is the common app used to provide VSCode, refactored a while back to use the newly open source VSCode Server code base. This broke the majority of existing, publicly available, VSCode OOD apps including OSC reference app. Older versions of code-server also seem to have issues installing extensions, but this has been fixed in newer versions.

Anyways here is a working version based on the newly released code-server v4.6.0. It defaults to using modules to find code-server but has options to add additional user commands (to modify the env) or to use a SIF container.

Also, almost forgot to mention, the workflow is centered around workspaces to ensure persistence and avoid conflicts between multiple instances of the OOD app running. The default behavior to use the last opened will conflict with other running code-server apps. Instead we bundle a default workspace file and allow the user to override with their own if desired.

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