Connect to ondemand-launched jupyter server from vscode

anybody tried to connect from Visual Studio Code to jupyter server started by ondemand?

Visual Studio Code offers possibility to connect to URL of already running Jupyter server, but it’s not able (that’s my current understanding) to go over the dex authentization phase.

Isn’t anybody here who tried to investigate this already?

I haven’t, no, sorry! If there’s enough need at your site, it could be beneficial to create it’s own app like code server + Jupyter. That way it all happens in the app for the user by itself.

yup, I saw the example code-server app at OSC github. - I discussed this already with some key users, and the known bug “In-app installation of extensions does not work” is quite showstopper - we all like syntax highlight, linters, etc…

Also the feeling of “native” app vscode is a factor…

After some research, I can tell that:

  • VS code can connect to remote jupyter server
  • I am able to extract connection information from logs and connection.yaml and connect to it from vscode

So the remaining task is to show this information somehow here - would you advice me, please, where in the codebase is this box drawn?

(and solve the network visibility between client and compute node indeed)