Which server should OpenOnDemand be installed?


I’m deploying OnDemand for the first time, and I would like to know in which server should I install OnDemand. My cluster has a Headnode and a Login node where users used to login. But can I install OnDemand on Login node? Or should I create a VM on it?


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Here’s a high level view from the documentation to give you a better sense of what OOD looks like:

The answer really depends on your own use cases and what you plan to do with it. You could use a login node, or you could use a dedicated VM which may be nice. The VM is good if, for instance, you have a large user base or other conditions that might make the web node with OOD get a lot of traffic which will then have many PUNs running at once.

I hope that helps a bit, happy to answer more if you have specific questions.

Hello Travis!

Thank you for your response and the information!
Since my user base is a bit large, I believe it would be best to use a VM. But can I install the VM on the login node?


It could, but it might be best to do a VM using a virtualhost for the web node itself for improved security, and avoid system resource issues.

The number of PUNs running on the ood node may be something for which you need to make changes as time goes on, and if this is a separate host that can be upgraded and reconfigured as needed, that can be quite nice administratively.

@tdockendorf Can you think of any more context or information they may want to consider when making this choice?

If you don’t have dedicated VM servers, setting up a VM on a login node or head node should be okay, just need to be careful that user activity on the login node doesn’t consume all resources that could impact the OnDemand VM. Generally for OnDemand itself it’s best to give it a dedicated server, and most people use a dedicated VM. How that VM is hosted can really depend on the hardware you have available, but generally it’s best to have VMs hosted on systems where all those bare-metal servers do is run VMs but understandably that’s not always possible. If your login node and head node are separate physical servers, and users can only log into login node and not head node, then I’d recommend putting the VM on the head node to help ensure user activity doesn’t impact the VM.


Thank you so much for the explanations!

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