Widget: "number_field" not the same result in Firefox or in Edge/Chrome


the widget “number_field” is not well rendered on Edge v17 under Windows 10. look at the captures realized on the same machine using either Edge or Firefox



note that there’s no differences between Linux and Windows 10 when using Firefox.

i have updated OOD to the new release 1.6.17-2


to be sure, i have tested Chrome on W10. same problem than Edge.


That’s expected. number_field just uses the HTML5 <input type="number".... Different browsers sometimes vary how they render the various input types.

Is it just the fact that in the Edge screenshot the little buttons on the far right don’t appear to increment or decrement the value?

According to https://caniuse.com/#feat=input-number, Edge v17 and 18:

Does not include increment/decrement buttons, but does supports increment/decrement via arrow up & down keys.

Thanks, Eric for these infos

Have a nice day