Adding user to 'developer' list

A user wants to develop their own apps so I added them to the developers list. Do I need to reinstall the config file for this change to be picked up?

TIA - Susan

Which list? Have you followed these steps:

I’m sorry … that was a confusing note. I used to change a file but this time, I followed the instructions for v 1.6 and made that link for the user. I’ve been back and forth with this user a few times over him trying to create his own app. He can execute the /var/www/ood/apps/jupyter app but not one in his homedir. It was different from the one in /var/www so I copied in the /var/www one to his homedir and am asking him to try that so try to isolate where the problem is … with his permissions or the jupyter app itself.

So to clarify, the user has in his home directory ~USER/ondemand/dev/jupyter and the OnDemand web host has a directory /var/www/ood/apps/dev/USER/ with a symlink gateway in that directory pointing to ~USER/ondemand/dev i.e.

/var/www/ood/apps/dev/USER/gateway => ~USER/ondemand/dev

And the user restarted his web server but Develop dropdown doesn’t appear and the app in his home directory is inaccessible?

Yes, that is my understanding. I’ve asked for clarification and for him to test the new app I put in his homedir. Will let you know what comes of that. Thanks Eric!