Dev Mode for sandbox apps

I am trying to setup a sandbox app for my personal OOD instance. From the documentation, it seems that all I need to do is add a dev/ dir to my ondemand folder in my home dir.

Noted in the documentation that dev mode needs to be enabled past v1.6 (I am using v2.0.28)… but is that just for app sharing? or does dev mode need to be enabled before I can view my sandbox apps?

For dev mode to be enabled you need to create a symlink a /var/www location to your own home directory.

It’s this piece of the documentation if your username was efranz

sudo mkdir -p /var/www/ood/apps/dev/efranz
cd /var/www/ood/apps/dev/efranz
sudo ln -s /home/efranz/ondemand/dev gateway

App sharing and developer apps are different things. Only you can see development apps see whereas shared apps other users can see & interact with.

It’s close to dev apps, but the use case is different because other folks’ can see/boot those apps so they should be stable. Beyond that - it’s a symlink to a different location (or at least should be).

Thanks Jeff! I just wanted to be sure. Does dev mode open up access to make other edits, or is this mostly to open up my sandbox… I don’t want to fudge anything up that admin has configured =)

Dev mode allows you to edit your development applications, because ultimately the files are in your $HOME.

The word sandbox here is appropriate - you will not edit the system configurations, you’ll only edit your own development apps that are in your $HOME. The system configs in /etc/ood/config need privilege escalation (root) to edit which you don’t have in a PUN (per user nginx).

Now if one of those sandbox applications is the dashboard (the main OnDemand application) you can find yourself in a little bit of a mental maze, but the edits you make in your $HOME only affect your sandbox application - they can’t impact the system configurations in /etc/ood/config for your own system installed dashboard or other users’ system installed dashboard.

Thanks for your help Jeff, and I love the new documentation that has been added for developing passenger and interactive apps. I just completed my first passenger app through the tutorial you have, and it has me excited to learn rails and how this whole OOD ecosystem works.

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