Content management feature?

Could authorized users be allowed to edit content (text that occurs in locale files) so that text updates don’t have to be made by an administrator (following Customization — Open OnDemand 2.0.13 documentation)?

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I think so, as long as the file allows it (I mean you set some sort of FACL or change the group ownership).

At some point this may change though, I mean we may start to enforce that these files are root:root 644 so then only a FACL would work.

Beyond that there’s all sorts of automation that you may begin to rely on, like an ansible tower job that can write the file and give folks access to that or puppet + mco playbooks (that’s how we enable staff to do certain things at OSC like publish announcements to our OnDemand instance).

We have our content files managed through automation which server administrators use, and are trying to find a way to delegate content updates to other staff. One possibility would be for us to write an app that could feed into the automation process. We wondered whether this ability may be more widely useful and a more general solution would make sense, before we start working on something site-specific.