Custom URL in help menu wont open in new_tab

Hi Team ,

Im using latest version of OOD 3.0.1 and trying to customize the help_menu to accomodate some needs. I have a bar.yml file in etc/ood/config/ondemand.d/ondemand.d which have nav_bar , help_bar , help_menu in it .


  • files
  • jobs
  • clusters
  • Desktop Apps
  • interactive apps
  • apps


  • develop
  • help
  • user
  • logout


However, whenever I click on the given link from help_menu , inspite of having the new_tab or new_window set as true, it won’t open up a new tab /window instead the link will be opened in the same window where dashboard is.

can you please tell me how can I set this to open in a new window / Tab ?
Thank you.

I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on my end for 3.0.1.

I’m wondering if there is something off with the yml itself?

Here’s the config I used to test on v3.0.1 and the new tab works:

  - files
  - jobs
  - Desktop Apps
  - interactive apps
  - apps
  - develop
  - help
  - user
  - logout
  - group: "Documentation"
  - title: "User Documentation"
    url: ""
    icon: "fas://book"
    new_tab: true

Hi Travis ,

Thank you so much .
Indeed it was yml itself .
I was doubtful of the feature as the documentation didnt mention having it in help_menu . well , Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, the docs could use some major work letting users know how to tie all this together and what goes where. Currently, they read like it’s a sequential first time setup of ood, which imho seems to be pretty awful for anyone navigating them as you can’t even get a solid list of settings, but instead have to scroll through pages and pages just looking for what you hope to find, Awful.

I really hope we can get them sorted better to not make this assumption and give users a much better experience seeing how things fit together rather than be expected to pretend to work through a sequential setup of OOD each time you need something. Because I agree, how would you have know this worked for help_menu?

I agree. This documentation seems to be setup for someone who made the product and already knows where the location of files are supposed to be, etc. I find myself drifting through pages of help. It’s compressive but at the same time completely lacking for someone who did not build the project.