Desktop job "undetermined" when using linuxhost_adapter on localhost


I’m using the linuxhost_adapter to start a session on the same server as OOD is running. All initially works well - the sessions starts and the remote desktop works as expected. However, after closing the remote desktop session, the session entry shown under Interactive Sessions reports that the session is in an undetermined state and then it stays like that and can’t be deleted.

In my cluster definition, I’m using the fully qualified hostname for both and v2.job.submit_host. This fully qualified hostname is also included in v2.job.ssh_hosts.

Is there anything I could do to help diagnose this issue and fix it?

Hi and sorry for the issues.

I’m not too sure what is going on here, but this sounds more to do with the filesystem than OOD. What are you using to mount those files in for OOD? Are you seeing anything in the logs for the server itself, so not in the OOD logs, but the actual Apache logs for things like ERROR or WARN.