Display changes (regression?) in ood 1.5

In OOD 1.3 & 1.4 the “Active Jobs” displayed the PBS resources_used.walltime under the “Time Used” field as “HH:MM:SS”; in OOD 1.5 this display format changed to “NNNN” where that value is in seconds. My users liked the HH:MM:SS format better. Can this item be easily restored to the HH:MM:SS format?

Second display item: The “Account” field in the “Active Jobs” display used to be blank in OOD 1.4, now it’s explicitly the string “null”. While that might be more technically correct, I found blank to be less obnoxious. Again, can this be easily restored to the 1,4 behavior?

I opened two issues in GitHub and we will fix before the new release.

Thanks Eric:

Let me know if you need debug output to for 182, or want me to test something for either 181 or 182.


This has been fixed in 1.6. I can see for sure the timing has been but there are no empty accounts, but from the merge listed in the bug report it looks sound.

I’ll give this post 2 months to close itself if you don’t have any issues with the way it’s displayed in 1.6.

Confirmed both fixed here