How to Change 'Time Used' format?


When a job is running over 24 hours, the time format in the active jobs page looks like this:


While inside the job’s card it shows like this:


Is it possible to change to active jobs time format to look like the time inside the jobs card?

Thank you

Can you show an image of what you’re seeing? I only see time remaining on interactive jobs’ cards. I don’t see time spent running.

Also - what version are you running?

Hi Jeff,

I’m running version 3.1.4

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve got to put a little work into this to see what we can do here.

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I assume you’re using Slurm, that’s what I was able to replicate with.

I’m patching this upstream and don’t know when the next patch release will come out, but in the interim you can hotfix this file /var/www/ood/apps/sys/dashboard/app/models/active_jobs/jobstatusdata.rb.

In this file you’ll find the method extended_data_slurm (if you’re not using slurm, then I’ll have to sort out what needs to be done for your scheduler).

In this method, you can make this change to get the same time format in both places.

-      attributes.push "Time Used", info.native[:time_used]
+      attributes.push "Time Used", self.walltime_used

Thanks Jeff,
We’re almost there - it changed the time format in the active jobs panel and inside the job’s card, so now both look like this:


While I’d like to have them both in this format:


I am indeed using slurm

Oh I see. That one’s a bit trickier. Because we support multiple schedulers there’s a formatting issue. What you want is a Slurm specific format, so we’d need to build in translations for all the schedulers to that output format. Which is to say, I don’t know if we’re going to get around to that.

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