Empty folder can't be uploaded in Open OnDemand version 3.0.3


I discovered that when a folder contains a sub-folder without any files, it cannot be uploaded via the ‘Files’ menu in Open OnDemand. For example:

  1. If FolderA contains a sub-folder named ‘FolderB’ with a file ‘a.txt’, I can successfully upload both FolderA, sub-folder FolderB, and the file ‘a.txt’.
  2. However, if FolderA contains a sub-folder named ‘FolderB’ without any files, I can only upload FolderA. The sub-folder ‘FolderB’ will not be uploaded to Open OnDemand.

Would you please check? Thanks

Hello! I am able to reproduce this and have created a GitHub issue for it. (Empty subfolders cannot be uploaded to files · Issue #3313 · OSC/ondemand · GitHub)