Upload Issue - multiple subfolders

Encountering an issue where subfolders 3 levels down are not created and the files contained are also not uploaded. The upload will fail on the files.

Example - attempt to upload unzipped - https://github.com/OSC/bc_osc_rstudio_server/archive/refs/tags/v0.26.0.zip

/bin and /etc fail to upload

version 3.0.1

Could you please post the actual errors you are seeing, the script.sh you have setup, and I can’t follow the first sentence. Are you creating files or uploading files? I’m not sure what you are asking in this current form.

I’m unzipping this file locally on my laptop - https://github.com/OSC/bc_osc_rstudio_server/archive/refs/tags/v0.26.0.zip

I then go to OOD console to upload the folder to my Home directory and choose local folder bc_osc_rstudio_server-0.26.0, click Upload.
Attempting to upload to /home/bob.smith/

It will fail uploading these two folders and the files contained within each -

It will list the files that were not able to be copied.
I checked the ondemand-nginx logs and didn’t find anything there.

Oh, wait so this is for a file upload? I thought you were doing something with rstudio.

I was able to just upload them myself on 3.0.1 and all the directories and files are there.

Did you click “Browse Files” or “Browse Folders” when you made the selection? Referring to the pop up you would see below: