Getting nf-core (Nextflow core) running via OOD


nf-core seems to be getting a lot of interest by bioinformaticians and we would love to be able to present a local version via OOD. I notices Pitt Uni has it running via their instance of OOD (They are using a Shiny version of the Launcher). I wonder if anyone else has a version of the “Launch pipeline » nf-core” that they can run on their clusters?

Hello Chris, our center (Purdue Uni) are planning to deploy nf-core on our OOD using regular launcher instead of Shiny. We already deployed three nf-core pipelines, and are working on the remaining ones. How about your center?

Hello, Chris and Zhan,
just to let you know that my team, at our center ( IFOM - ETS ), is working on that.
@Clockris is in charge of the development.
@zhan4429 we are trying to support multiple version of the pipelines.
Would be nice to share experience on that.