How do you register users (automatically)?

Currently user creation on our HPC cluster is a manual process, with users created manually in LDAP and assigned a uidNumber and username. This has worked well so far, but is not going to work well with OpenOnDemand because we’d like users to be able to log in with their edugain credentials through Keycloak - even if they don’t already have an account with us and automatically provision everything they need - which then makes it a seamless process for them to use OpenOnDemand without even needing to open a shell.

How do you all handle automatic user registration or creation on your clusters? I’d love to hear how others do it,

Thank you!


Hi and welcome!

The short answer is - we don’t. Well, Open OnDemand doesn’t.

I don’t know for sure that ColdFront out of UBCCR can do this but it seems like it should. At OSC we have a similar platform that can invite folks through email and also has a signup bit too for user creation.

Thank you!
Is the platform you use for user registration at OSC open source?

Unfortunately, the OSC client portal isn’t open source. I’m reaching out to my Coldfront contacts to see if it can do the same. The docs don’t appear to indicate that it does, but I’m hunting that down anyhow.

ColdFront does not do this (although it’s worth mentioning for allocations). Though the UBCCR team pointed me to this if you use FreeIPA.

Thanks very much for your help.

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