Automatically add user after successful login


I am building a small POC based on Ondemand. I am still don’t know a lot about the system so I hope I am not asking something very stupid :slight_smile:

I have my Ood instance up and running. For the authentication I am relying on Keycloak. The problem is every time a new user logs in, I need to add this user to the system ($useradd $USER_NAME)

Is there some kind of configuration I can enable so OoD adds automatically a non-existing user after a successful login?

Thanks a lot.

Hi! You should tie the OOD machines’ SSSD into your LDAP. There should be no need to create users manually on the system if they already exist in your environment (which they do if they authenticated with keycloak which is backed by your ldap?).

So it’s not so much an OOD configuration as it is a system configuration. Those authenticated users should be recognized through SSSD.

Hi Jeff,

ah, yes you are right. I didn’t think of that. Thanks a lot!