Html files which rendered in OOD 1.8 files application, no longer do so in OOD 2.x

In ondemand 1.8’s file app, the View option on a “.html” file would display the rendered file, where Edit would show the raw html. That was very useful. However, in 2.0.18, “View” now displays the raw HTML instead of the formatted information.

Is there some way to restore the 1.8 functionality, so users can view formatted html via OOD?


Hi @azric thanks for the question!

That functionality was removed in 2.0 and there are security concerns that we need to talk about before putting it back in.

It is certainly a nice feature for users that are behaving as expected to simply edit and check code, but we do have concerns around users who may have malicious intent using this functionality to execute arbitrary html within this app in ways. So, for now it was safer to remove and discuss.

If you feel that this would be something that we should spend more time on and push to the front of our considerations, feature requests are welcome on the ondemand repo as well.

Thanks for the feature request! Placing a link here for others who may be interested to track.

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