HUGE session log files

We are getting log files which are excessively large for VNC sessions… like 40Tb large.
Is there a way to limit the data which is written to them? Does it have to be ALL stdout and stderr for every application launched in the VNC session?

If you mean the output.log I don’t think there’s any way to limit it. That’s the output of the job and if there were a way to limit it - it’d be through the scheduler itself.

That said - 40TB large, to me, indicates a much larger issue. What are all these messages? Maybe we can figure a way to stop them so that the files are much smaller. I’ve never encountered such an issue - our output.logs are generally in the kilobyte range.

I am pretty sure we discovered the issue stemming from scripts which were printing out values at an incredible rate, so hopefully this is no longer an issue moving forward.

But yes, I was looking for ways to limit the stdout logging into this file, but now I think we have it under control.


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